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30 Awesome Plastic Free July Ideas 2022

We asked you guys to share ideas on how you and your family are participating in Plastic Free July this year, and you really came to the party! 
We had hundreds of brilliant ideas that were shared, but here are our favourite thirty. 

We hope this list inspires you to participate in Plastic-Free July or helps you to reduce plastic waste all year round!

30 Awesome Plastic Free July Ideas 

  1. "I have purchased and use both your silicone pouches and stainless steel pegs. Not only during July but all year round. So impressed with the pegs that I purchased some as presents for my children." - Peter
  2. "I pledge not to purchase ANY plastic related items during Plastic Free July. Although I am new to the laundry sheets, I absolutely love them!! With a large family with large wash loads, I go through them frequently - oh and the dryer balls omg so good." - Diane
  3. "Taking my coffee cup with me to have it filled instead of the takeaway cup. Buying all my family silicone baking mats." - Debbie
  4. "I use eco friendly bags for my fruit and vegetables. Using eco friendly bags for my shopping." - Michelle
  5. "I only use reusable bags for all my shopping and refuse to buy any products that have plastic packaging!" - Alanah
  6. "Not lining my compost bin with a plastic bag, just rinsing it out over the garden." - Odette
  7. "I say No! To all fruit and vegetables packed in plastic. I have also set up No plastic in lunch boxes, at school." - Cassy
  8. "I avoid buying cleaning products in plastic bottles, I make my own fabric softener and toilet cleaner. I have fabric produce bags and I use shampoo bars to avoid buying shampoo/conditioner bottles. " - Leanne
  9. "We put the cling wrap away in a hard to reach kitchen cupboard. It’s just easier to reach for a container, beeswax wrap or glass jar. " - Melanie
  10. "We are pretty good at being plastic-free at our house, so our mission this month is to convince our extended families to do the same. " - Anne
  11. "I have participating in plastic free for several months and recycling everything possible and have only put out my garbage once in the last 2 months." - Noel
  12. "Refuse plastic bags, carry my own cloth bags, use glass jars at home for storage, find alternatives for plastic at home (eg metal pegs), cane washing baskets etc." - Caroline
  13. "Avoiding single use plastic packaging and targeting takeaway items " - Rachelle
  14. "I have been trying to cut down on my use of plastic for the past couple of years during the pandemic. Though sometimes it is hard to figure out what products to get with my budget and what the product is made of." - Katherine
  15. "Transitioning to paper bags, glass or stainless steel products instead of plastic, paper or reusable food wrap/covers. Recycling, composting and worm farming to reduce waste and increase home grown produce, this is a bit of a learn curve, but well on the way." - Frances
  16. "I am making sure I don’t use any plastic take away items. I am also trying to replace household plastic items with non-plastic reusable items. " - Renae
  17. "I always use stainless steel pegs as plastic pegs break all the time and are not good for the environment. In the past I purchased stainless steel pegs from Activated Eco. On 06 July I ordered 36 pegs hanger and twin pack of stainless steel pegs from Activated Eco. I am very happy with these products and I am also happy to help the environment." - Hasan
  18. “During July and as I’ve been doing for quite a long time, I’ll avoid plastic bags, bottles, straws and cups. I’ll use the wonderful marine steel pegs to hang out my washing too.” - Louise
  19. “I am posting about it and talking about it with all my friends and family. All my presents this year to family friends and guests have been metal pegs, home made bags and home made reusable cutlery sets.” - Felicity
  20. “I’m planning to avoid purchasing any single use plastic product.” - Jennifer
  21. “No more plastic bottled laundry detergent. Now using your detergent sheets. Also, no single use plastic shopping bags.” - Lynette
  22. “I am not getting bags when I shop and I am about to order some laundry sheets 😁” - Sam
  23. “We are doing Plastic Free July in several ways. We're ensuring that we are using our natural fibre bags at the shops, using our refillable bottles and using natural beeswax wraps for our lunches.” - Ben
  24. "I have Activated Eco stainless steel pegs, silicone baking sheets and stainless steel straws to reduce plastics use.” - Merrill
  25.  “By encouraging my friends to refuse single-use plastic wrapped goods I will be contributing to Plastic Free July.” - Bruce
  26.  “Swapping over to your products will be my first step to reducing plastics in my life” - Serena
  27.  “I will participate in Plastic-Free July by not purchasing take away straws, cups or plastic up recyclable containers. I will plant more veggies and compost with my worm farm as much as I can, maybe ask the neighbours for their green waste.” - Peter
  28.  “Last month I purchased the Laundry Sheets to start using this July - they are fantastic and clean my family's clothes perfectly. Feels good not to be throwing out a plastic bottle each week.” - Claire
  29. "When out and about and need a drink, only glass or cans... skip the plastic!" - Jennifer
  30. "Every day as I go about my chores, I look at how much plastic is involved and plan ahead for more eco solutions. Gradually I am reducing my plastic use down." - Carmel