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Amy's Mission to Preserve the Planet

The most important thing we can do, after our own action, is to continue learning, adapting and sharing our knowledge. 

Amy is an animal lover who is committed to constantly learning about ways to reduce her impact on the environment. Read her incredible story and be inspired by Amy's passion for sustainability.

Amy Says

Why and when did you make the decision to live in an eco-friendly way?

I have always been conscious of waste though I think my love for animals was my greatest inspiration for protecting our shared habitat, which is why I decided to go vegan over 7 years ago. Since then it has been a constant flow of learning and making changes in reducing use, waste and harmful chemicals. 

What do you and your household do in your day to day life to protect the environment?

I choose unpackaged or minimally  packaged recyclable goods of local origin, natural cleaners and hygiene products etc. I try to understand the environmental impact of any product before choose to buy it.

I recently completed a certificate in Conservation and Land Management and am now volunteering with my local council in their Gardens for Wildlife program which encourages residents to plant indigenous plants that create habitat and food for our native animals in an effort to maintain and enhance our biodiversity. I love this initiative and so far it has had an overwhelmingly positive response from the local community.

I think the most important thing we can do, after our own action, is to continue learning, adapting and sharing our knowledge. There are so many things that have a negative impact that simply go unseen by some until someone gently points it out and sparks change.

Which of the Activated Eco products do you own, and how do they help you to reduce plastic waste?

We own the Stainless Steel Pegs and I love that I will never have to buy wasteful, short lived, plastic pegs again!

Nature's Beauty

Amy loves to spend time in local conservation reserves capturing nature in photos. Aren't her orchid photographs stunning?


Thank you to Amy for sharing your journey, and for showing us how we can all live more consciously to preserve our environment!

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