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Bruce's Eco-Living in an Extreme Climate

Eco-Living in the extremes of the Kimberley

Bruce is one of our customers who lives in a unique Australian climate. 

Each month we select and spotlight a person in the community who is making an admirable effort to reduce their waste and improve the planet, and this month Bruce has shared his story of going green. We hope you enjoy the insight provided in our interview below.

Bruce Says

Why and when did you make the decision to live in an eco-friendly way?

Ten years ago when I moved north to the warmth of the East Kimberley region of Western Australia.

What do you and your household do in your day to day life to protect the environment?

Take advantage of the warmth and sunshine to conserve on energy costs for heating, clothing and drying clothes.

Which of the Activated Eco products do you own, and how do they help you to reduce plastic waste?

When I first got the pegs, I thought, "Where have you been all my life?" I am now 76 and think back how many plastic pegs I could have saved over the last 10 years of living in the extremes of the Kimberley, let alone over my lifetime.

The pegs are a Godsend! Plastic pegs and wood pegs deteriorate at a rapid rate in the hot and humid climate of tropical northern Australia. The Eco Stainless Steel pegs are perfect. They never deteriorate, they stay securely on the line in windy conditions and do not get too hot to touch. The silicone wraps have saved on rolls of plastic wrap used to cover food storage containers in the kitchen and cafe.

What's the trickiest part of green living?

Balancing the energy needs for heating, cooling and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.

Thank you to Bruce for sharing your journey, and for showing us how we can all live more consciously to preserve our environment!

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