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Petria's Conscious Living Tips

Conscious living is a journey, not a destination.

Petria from Coco Rose Interiors has created her stunning homewares business and lifestyle for her family with this sentiment in mind. 

Each month we select and spotlight a person in the community who is making an admirable effort to reduce their waste and improve the planet, and this month Petria has shared her best tips for eco-friendly, conscious living. We hope you enjoy the insight provided in our interview below.

Petria Says

How do you try and live consciously in your everyday life?

I approach conscious living as my story that's continually being reviewed, edited and written as an ongoing narrative. It's not something that you can wake up and know everything about. I'm continually learning of new ways I can reduce my impact, through self education and connecting with others on a similar journey. When I started I would recycle about 50% of what I do now and use some earth friendly cleaning products. Now I have eliminated using plastic bags completely, I don't use any cling wrap, I compost my coffee pod grinds, use biodegradeable coffee pods, recycle soft plastics and take my reuseable coffee cup everywhere I go. There's more ways I live consciously than I can list here and the list is growing every month! Its about taking small steps in different parts of your life gradually to eventually make a big change.

How are you helping others to change the relationship that they have with their environment?

I use Coco Rose Interiors as a platform to show my followers how they can make simple change in their lives by demonstrating it in my own. Before starting Coco Rose I was a regular Eco-amateur, but I've learned so much and want to share my journey with others to show them that they can do it too. Even if I don't force change immediately, I would be so happy knowing that something I said along the way jogged a follower's thought process and steered them towards the biodegradeable packing at the supermarket over the cheaper plastic version.

What are some misconceptions about green living you often see?

I think the biggest misconceptions are that change is difficult to achieve and it's too expensive. Its the reason I'm often on my stories sharing brands other than Coco Rose Interiors. I want to show people there are so many easily accessible green alternatives out there to everyday items and a lot of them are actually really affordable. Quite often they actually become more economical as they're designed to last longer in order to reduce waste. For example, you can buy a full set of cloth nappies from Luv Me Eco for $300 and a minute cost thereafter for each wash. Disposables are reported at a cost of $2000 to $4000 per child which is an enormous expense when you consider you can use your cloth nappies for a second and third child.



Thank you to Petria for inspiring us by sharing these excellent tips for a more conscious way of living. Be sure to check out Petria's beautiful online store Coco Rose Interiors. 

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