Collection: The Original Stainless Steel Infinity Pegs

316 Marine Grade | Lifetime Guarantee

Eco-friendly designs that won’t let you down. Our pegs and clothespins are perfect for earth-conscious buyers looking for a product that is high quality and looks great. Activated Eco works hard to ensure that each and every item that we stock plays its part in helping to reduce environmental impact. We have a great range of metal pegs for you to choose from. Select from our coloured options or bulk order to meet your specific requirements today. Browse our full range online or contact our friendly and passionate team directly. Read More...   

Order coloured clothespins in bulk

Our range of coloured clothespins and laundry pegs are perfect for everyday use. Order online and we will ship quality products straight to you from our Melbourne warehouse. We use Australia Post to ensure that every customer receives their wares quickly and with zero fuss. Order in bulk with confidence and enjoy free shipping on purchases valued at over $50 or weighing over 1kg. We want everybody that shops with Activated Eco to know that our unique range of metal clothes pegs are just a click away. We also stock mini clothes pegs and large clothes pegs to suit your specific requirements.  

Our company

You have the power to reduce environmental impact by shopping with Activated Eco. We are committed to offering safer and more sustainable alternatives for earth conscious buyers who want to make a difference. By choosing us, you are actively making a stand for the planet and against harmful plastics that are causing untold damage. 

Dangers of plastic

Don’t make the mistake of using plastic pegs that harm the environment. Such items contribute to the rise of microplastics that are a great problem for the health of our oceans and land. Not only do these materials take a considerable amount of years to break down, but they are also prone to falling apart and entering our waterways as tiny fragments that end up poisoning wildlife and natural resources. At Activated Eco, we want to do something about this.

Contact us for metal clothes pegs

Get in touch with Activated Eco for further information about our fantastic range of reusable pegs and much more. Order online in bulk to meet all of your needs and you won’t be disappointed.
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Stainless Steel Infinity Clothes Pegs 500 Pack
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Stainless Steel Sock Hanger 316 Marine Grade with 20x Pegs
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Stainless Steel Infinity Hook Pegs 316 Marine Grade 10 Pack
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