Lil'Bit Bee Seed Bombs
Lil'Bit Bee Seed Bombs
Lil'Bit Bee Seed Bombs
Lil'Bit Bee Seed Bombs

Lil'Bit Bee Seed Bombs

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Bees are one of the most important creatures on our planet and we rely on them for almost two thirds of our food. Bee populations are under extreme threat due to the use of agricultural chemicals including the ones we use in our own backyards.

Lil'Bit Bee Seed Bombs use a technique that is thousands of years old. A mix of natural clay to protect flower seeds from insects and birds and soil/compost to provide all the nutrients needed for germination. When conditions are right (water, sunlight), the seed ball will break down and the seeds will sprout into a mix of herbs and flowers providing habitat and food for all pollinators.

Bee Bombs should not actually be buried in soil, just placed (or dropped) on the soil surface. Or, you can pop them on top of dirt in a pot if you prefer.

Let nature take its course, and the seeds will germinate when conditions are good.

Bee patient - some of these plants may not bloom the first year, but will reward you with more blooms in subsequent years!

Seed mix: Mixed, non-gmo, organic annual cottage flowers and herbs to be sown throughout spring and  summer. These include:

Calendula, Cornflower, Californian Poppy, Fineflower, Toadflax, Alyssum, Wallflower, Nemophila, Poppy, Marigold African, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Borage, Evening Primrose, Lavender, Native Violet, Swan River Daisy, Sage, and Bee Balm.

Australian natives are not suited to these bombs as many require specific germination conditions and many of our nectar rich species are shrubs or trees.

Safe to send all over Australia.


100% Home Compostable.

  • Unbleached, Calico Bag
  • Recycled paper swing tag and instruction insert printed with vegetable dyes