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Are Dryer Balls Bad for Your Dryer?

Ever contemplated, are dryer balls bad for your dryer? We're here to unravel this mystery.

We'll sift through the facts, debunk a few myths, and give you the lowdown on how dryer balls and your beloved dryer can live in harmony. Whether you're a high-efficiency dryer devotee or a traditional tumble dryer fan, we've got some helpful insights coming your way.

So, buckle up and get ready for a whirlwind tour into the world of dryer balls!

What this article covers:

Do Dryer Balls Damage the Dryer?

The short answer is no, dryer balls typically do not damage the dryer. Our findings show that most types of dryer balls are designed to be dryer-friendly. That said, the key lies in choosing the right kind of dryer balls.

Some materials might be less kind to your dryer's interior. However, opting for dryer balls made from softer, more forgiving materials can ensure they are gentle on both your clothes and the dryer.

Our 100% unbleached pure New Zealand wool dryer balls contain no chemicals. They are hypoallergenic, allergy-friendly, and can be used to naturally scent laundry with a few drops of essential oil.

Reasons Why Wool Dryer Balls Don't Damage the Dryer

While dryer balls have gained popularity as a natural laundry aid, some may wonder about their impact on the dryer itself. The good news is that dryer balls are generally safe for your dryer. Our research indicates that there are a couple of reasons why they don't cause damage.


Natural wool dryer balls are preferred over synthetic options because they are less dense and gentler on both your clothes and the dryer's interior. Unlike plastic dryer balls, which can be too dense and potentially scratch the dryer if they crack, wool dryer balls are softer and more forgiving.

is dryer ball bad for your dryer


Wool dryer balls strike a balance in density that is crucial for their safe use in dryers. They are dense enough to effectively separate clothes and facilitate better air circulation, which aids in faster drying.

However, they are not so dense that they would exert excessive force on the dryer's drum.

Can You Use Dryer Balls in Specific Dryers?

Dryer balls are a flexible laundry aid compatible with a variety of dryer types. Their use is not limited to a specific model or make, making them a versatile choice for different drying systems.

Whether you own a high-efficiency dryer, a washer/dryer combo, or a condenser dryer, dryer balls can be used effectively.

For those of you wondering, can you use dryer balls in a heat pump dryer? You sure can!

How to Use Dryer Balls

Dryer balls are a fantastic, eco-friendly alternative to traditional fabric softeners and dryer sheets. The benefits of dryer balls are numerous: These little marvels significantly reduce drying time, save energy, and make your clothes feel softer without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Now, let's learn how to use wool dryer balls effectively!

Step 1: Load

Start by tossing your dryer balls into the dryer with your wet laundry. Remember, these balls need room to work their magic, so avoid overloading the dryer. 

Step 2: Start the Cycle

Close the dryer door and set your usual drying cycle. Wool dryer balls work with any setting, but they're most effective with regular heat.

dryer balls bad for your dryer

Step 3: Monitor Your Laundry

Based on our observations, wool dryer balls can reduce drying time by up to 25%, so keep an eye on your load to avoid over-drying.

Step 4: Store Dryer Balls Properly

Once the cycle is complete, take out your laundry and store the dryer balls in a dry, well-ventilated place to prevent any musty odors.

Bonus Tips

  • Essential oils for fragrance: Add a few drops of our Eco essential oils to your dryer balls for a natural, pleasant scent. Just make sure the oil is fully absorbed to avoid stains on your clothes.
  • Recharging dryer balls: If you notice a decrease in performance, simply refresh them. Unsure how to refresh wool dryer balls? No problem. Simply wash the dryer balls in a hot cycle, then dry them on high heat. This rejuvenates them, keeping their drying magic intact.


Dryer balls, particularly those made of natural wool, are a laundry game-changer. They're gentle, effective, and safe for all types of dryers. Their soft material and ideal density mean they enhance drying without risking harm to your machine's interior.

They're the eco-friendly alternative to synthetic dryer sheets and fabric softeners, reducing drying time and energy use while being gentle on clothes. Simply toss them in with wet clothes, start your cycle, and store them properly afterward.

So why wait? Visit us at Activated Eco and purchase a set of these wooly wonders!

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