Ditch the Plastic Waste with our rPET Produce Bags

Introducing rPET Produce Bags by Activated Eco

Have you every felt frustrated by the waste that single use plastic bags create? Supermarkets have historically provided us with no alternative option when it comes to shopping for our fruit and vegetables that need weighing.

Say no to plastic shopping bags

We are thrilled to introduce the latest new product release which will solve these frustrations for you! We hope you love our rPET Produce Bags as much as we do.


What is rPET made from?

rPET (recycled polyethylene terephtalate) comes from plastic that has already been used for packaging, such plastic bottles. This plastic is sorted, cleaned and transformed so that it can be reused and turned into a new product. Therefore the bottles you recycle get a second life by being turned into new rPET products.

How do plastic bags impact the environment? 

Though they seem small and light, plastic bags have a much larger environmental footprint than you may imagine, beginning with the amount of energy required to make them. 

As you know, the effects of plastic on the environment can be devastating. Single use products such as plastic bags can take between 15 and 1,000 years to break down, and that’s assuming they even make it into a landfill instead of winding up in our waterways and oceans.

Why you should use our produce bags?

Aside from reducing your environmental impact, there are many other great reasons to use our produce bags! Unlike plastic bags, reusable bags are unlikely to ever tear or break. The high quality fabric means your precious fruit and vegetable purchases are more likely to survive the trip undamaged. Leaks are less likely to be a problem with reusable bags too.

There are less quality products on the market, such as polyester bags, but our bags are the most eco-friendly option. 

Plus, you can come up with creative other ways to use them to transport all kinds of items, in place of plastic bags. 


Tips for Use

Order a few sets of our handy 5 or 8 packs, so you'll never need to use a single use plastic bag again! They are easy to store in your car, handbag and home so you'll never been caught without.


Product Features

  • Each bag measures 30cm x 35cm 
  • Available in handy 5 packs and 8 packs
  • Each bag weighs only 9.9 grams


Where can we buy them?

Our rPET bags are available here. Happy shopping!