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How Many Dryer Balls Per Load

Ever wondered, how many dryer balls per load? Well, you're in for a treat! In this article, we're diving into the nitty-gritty of dryer balls.

We'll not only reveal the ideal number to use per load but also give you the lowdown on what they are, how they work their magic, and some nifty tips for using and looking after them.

Let's begin!

What this article covers:

How Many Dryer Balls Are Needed Per Load?

When it comes to determining the number of dryer balls needed per load, it varies depending on the size of the load, although the standard guideline, irrespective of load size, is typically to use 3 to 6 wool dryer balls.

For small to medium-sized laundry loads, 3 wool laundry dryer balls are generally sufficient. This number ensures effective separation of clothes and efficient drying.

As the load size increases, so does the need for more dryer balls. For medium to large loads, it's advisable to use around 5 dryer balls. This helps in maintaining drying efficiency by promoting better air circulation and more space for the clothes to move.

For those extra-large or particularly bulky loads, you might want to use between 8 to 12 dryer balls.

What Are Dryer Balls?

Typically made from materials like wool, plastic, or rubber, dryer balls are a laundry accessory designed to improve the efficiency of your dryer.

What do dryer balls do? They are used in tumble dryers to prevent laundry from clumping together so that warm air circulates more effectively through the clothes. This not only speeds up drying time but also helps reduce wrinkles and static without the need for chemical-laden fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

how many wool dryer balls per load

At Activated Eco, we offer premium, 100% unbleached New Zealand wool dryer balls. They are biodegradable and last for over 1000 dryer cycles, making them a sustainable choice for your laundry needs.

How Do Dryer Balls Work?

Dryer balls primarily work by physically separating clothes in the dryer, which improves air circulation. This separation allows the hot air from the dryer to circulate more efficiently and dry the clothes more evenly and quickly.

Additionally, dryer balls manage the humidity level within the dryer by absorbing moisture at the beginning of the drying cycle and then releasing it towards the end.

This balance in humidity levels helps in preventing over-drying and static build-up.

Can I Add Scent to Dryer Balls?

Yes, you can most definitely add scent to dryer balls. This is done using essential oils. Simply apply 2-3 drops of your chosen essential oil onto each dryer ball.

Let the oil soak into the balls for a few minutes before placing them in the dryer. This prevents the oil from transferring directly onto your clothes and gently enables them to infuse the scent as the balls tumble with the laundry.

At Activated Eco, we offer a range of Eco Modern essential oils that are perfect for this purpose. Whether you desire the calming aroma of lavender or the refreshing scent of citrus, our essential oils for dryer balls can easily be applied to your linens.

Why Must Dryer Balls Be Recharged Regularly?

Dryer balls need to be recharged regularly to maintain their effectiveness in the dryer. Our research indicates that over time dryer balls can lose their shape, which can diminish their ability to circulate air effectively and separate laundry.

how many dryer balls should i use

Regular recharging helps to revive their fluffiness and ensures they continue to perform optimally.

The recharging process extends their lifespan, making them a more sustainable option compared to disposable dryer sheets. Based on our observations, we recommend recharging every 1-2 months, ideally.

How to Recharge Dryer Balls

Recharging dryer balls is essential to keep them functioning optimally. Over time, they can accumulate lint, and their natural fibers can become compacted.

Here is how to recharge your laundry companions in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Wash

Begin by washing the wool dryer balls. Place them in your clothes washer on a gentle cycle with hot water. This step cleans the balls and starts the process of reinvigorating their fibers.

Step 2: Dry

After washing, dry the balls on high heat. You can do this either solo or with a load of laundry. This step is crucial as the high heat helps to re-fluff and reshape the wool fibers.

Step 3: Use

Once the dryer balls are dry and fluffy again, they are ready to be used in your dryer. This recharging process ensures that they continue to effectively reduce drying time and static in your laundry.

How to Store Dryer Balls

Our findings show that storing dryer balls correctly is important to maintain their efficacy and longevity. The ideal way to store them is in a breathable environment, like cotton or mesh bags. This prevents the balls from picking up unwanted odors, mold, or retaining moisture, which could affect their performance.

This keeps them clean, prevents dust accumulation, and helps maintain their shape and functionality.

Avoid storing them in plastic or any airtight containers, as wool needs to breathe.

should i use dryer balls

Additionally, you can simply leave them in the dryer between loads for convenience. This ensures they are always ready for use and reduces the likelihood of misplacing them.

Are Wool Dryer Balls Bad for the Dryer?

Wool dryer balls are not bad for the dryer; in fact, they are a safe and effective variety to other types of dryer balls. Wool is a less dense material compared to synthetics, which means that wool dryer balls are gentle on your dryer as they bounce around during the drying cycle.

What to Do with Old Wool Dryer Balls

When wool dryer balls have reached the end of their useful life in the dryer, there are several eco-friendly ways to repurpose them. One of the most straightforward options is to compost them.

Being made of 100% wool, they are biodegradable and can break down naturally.

Old wool dryer balls can also be used as pet toys, or they can serve as natural air fresheners; by adding a few drops of essential oil to the balls, you can place them in drawers, closets, or even under pillows to impart a pleasant scent.

Wool Dryer Balls vs. Dryer Sheets

Wool dryer balls offer a superior, eco-friendly alternative to traditional dryer sheets. Unlike dryer sheets, which often contain chemicals and fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin, wool dryer balls are natural and hypoallergenic.

Are dryer balls worth it? You bet! They are free from synthetic ingredients, making them a healthier choice for laundry care.

how many dryer ball should i use

In contrast, dryer sheets are typically laden with chemicals and can leave a residue on clothing and the dryer. This residue can be harmful to both the environment and personal health.

Lastly, wool dryer balls are not only better for the environment and personal health but also more cost-effective in the long run, as they are reusable.


There you have it. Whether you're dealing with small, medium, or large loads, using 3 to 6 wool dryer balls from Activated Eco can significantly enhance drying efficiency. These balls, made from 100% unbleached New Zealand wool, are not only sustainable but also kind to your clothes.

The benefits of wool dryer balls are plentiful: they can be scented with essential oils and be relied upon to last over 1000 cycles. Plus, when it's time to retire them, they can be composted or repurposed.

By choosing Activated Eco's wool dryer balls, you're not just opting for an effective laundry solution; you're also making a conscious decision to protect the environment. Visit us today for your eco-friendly laundry needs.

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