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How to Avoid Peg Marks on Clothes

One of the pesky little challenges we often face is how to avoid peg marks on clothes. It's a common issue, but thankfully, there are several effective strategies to prevent these unsightly indentations.

As we progress, we'll teach you the best ways to hang your washing to avoid both peg and line marks, delve into what washline marks are, and provide you with practical tips to keep your clothes looking fresh.

Let's dive in!

What this article covers:

How to Stop Peg Marks

The first step is to purchase pegs that don't mark clothes. Stainless steel pegs are your best bet. They have a smoother finish, reducing physical impressions and fabric creases.

Unlike pegs with a rough or uneven surface, steel pegs have rounded or blunted edges. Our research indicates that this minimises the chances of creating any indentations or stress points that can lead to marks.

When hanging shirts and pants, focus on clipping them at less conspicuous areas, like the bottom hem or waistband. This ensures that any peg marks that might occur are positioned in places less likely to be seen when the garment is worn.

Based on our observations, this tactic is particularly beneficial for clothing where appearance is non-negotiable, like office wear or formal outfits.

Furthermore, there's another reason to consider the type of pegs you are using: rust and dirt from old or poor-quality pegs can transfer to clothes, causing stains and damage.

This evokes the question, do stainless steel pegs rust? Comparatively, stainless steel pegs are rust-resistant and more durable than wooden or plastic pegs, which can deteriorate and leave residue on clothes over time.

peg marks on clothes

At Activated Eco, we offer a range of eco-friendly, plastic-free stainless steel clothes pegs, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Our pegs are made from 316 marine-grade stainless steel, ensuring they will not rust and will last forever. This makes them some of the best clothes pegs.

They are available in three colors: silver, rainbow, and rose gold. Each color complements your laundry area and adds a touch of style to your clothes-drying routine.

Our pegs are available in two sizes to suit your specific needs. Our regular-size pegs are made from a 1.7mm wire and measure 5.8cm in length, offering an efficient solution for everyday laundry tasks.

Large-size pegs, with a 2mm wire and a length of 7.6cm, provide extra strength and stability for heavier garments and outdoor drying.

We are so confident in the quality and longevity of our clothes pegs that we offer a lifetime guarantee, providing you with peace of mind.

How to Hang Washing to Avoid Line Marks

Hanging your washing correctly not only preserves the quality of your clothes but also prevents line marks. The key is to hang items in a way that reduces wear and tear, from organising your washing, leaving enough space between items for air circulation, and hanging items correctly.

We'll touch on how to do this shortly.

What Are Washline Marks?

Washline marks are creases or indentations left on clothing as a result of the way they are hung on a clothesline. Typically, these marks occur when part of the garment is folded over the line and secured with a peg, leading to a visible line mark or crease at the fold.

avoid peg marks on clothes

Our findings show that the problem with washline marks is not just aesthetic; they often require additional ironing to remove, adding extra effort and time to laundry chores, among the other approaches of how to get peg marks out of clothes.

But not to worry. We have a few helpful methods for avoiding these laundry disasters.

Avoiding Marks

Avoiding marks on clothes when line drying requires a combination of careful hanging techniques and the right choice of pegs. Here are several methods to prevent these marks.

Strategic Use Of Pegs

Traditional methods involve folding clothes over the line, but a better approach is to avoid having the material touch the line altogether. Rather, clip the peg over the line, then slide the garment's edge into the peg's fork so that only the peg is gripping it.

Draping Larger Items Over the Line

For larger items like sheets and towels, draping them over the line without pegs can be an effective solution, particularly on calm, sunny days. This method allows for even air circulation and drying without the risk of peg marks.

Hanging Garments Inside Out

To protect coloured garments from fading and line marks, hang them inside out. This simple trick ensures that any potential line marks are on the less visible side of the garment and also helps preserve the colour from the bleaching effects of the sun.


Tackling peg and line marks on simpler than you might think. The key lies in using the right tools and techniques. To keep your garment mark-free, opt for high-quality pegs, like those from Activated Eco.

Effective hanging methods are also important. By hanging garments by their less visible parts—like the bottom hem or waistband—you prevent the formation of line indentation. Simple actions like hanging garments inside out can fight fading and marks.

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