Why is There So Much Fuss about Plastic Straws?

Have you ever wondered why there is so much fuss about using plastic straws? 

It’s a little hard to move through the world at the moment without seeing signs that plastic straws are on the way out. More and more companies are beginning to eschew plastic straws in favour of alternatives. If you are wondering why this is happening, then here’s a quick rundown of the reasons that plastic straws are on the way out.

‘Disposable’ plastic is overwhelming the oceans

If we continue to dispose of plastic at the same rate we have been, then by 2050 the weight of plastic in the ocean will be greater than the weight of fish. Plastic straws are a huge, and unnecessary component of all this plastic waste. There are easy to use alternative to plastic straws so changing our habits is not hard and will have a big impact on the environment.

plastic pollution on australian beaches

Plastic doesn’t biodegrade

The plastic that gets into the oceans is problematic not just because it is taking up space, but because of the way that it disintegrates. Plastic is not biodegradable which means that it does not get broken down by living organisms like bacteria and eventually get turned into base elements that can be reused by life on the planet.  Instead plastic photo decay, which means that exposure to light, causes them to break into smaller and smaller pieces. The problem with this is that they then get eaten by animals. The animals are then poisoned by the plastic, and this toxic material becomes part of the global food chain.

It’s mind boggling how many are used

It has been estimated that at present the US uses around 500 million straws per day. To help visualise quite how many straws that is imagine lining them up end to end. The line of straws would be able to go around the equator of the Earth 2 and a half times.

Over the course of a year if every straw was placed in the Yankee Stadium, it would be filled more than nine times over.

That is just the waste produced in America. Once you add in the rest of the world then the amount becomes truly terrifying.

There are easy alternatives

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to give up using straws if you don’t want to. For some people who suffer from certain disabilities straws are a necessity, so you’ll be glad to hear there are alternatives.

You can go for the reusable option. Here at Activated Eco, we offer reusable, eco-friendly straws. There are our popular Stainless Steel edgy metal straws, which have the advantage of being fairly resilient and hard to break. Some people do find that add a little bit of flavour to the drink and they can react with certain types of alcohol, but they do come in some amazing designs.

If you want to be able to throw away your straw when you’re done and not have to worry about remembering to bring it with you then try biodegradable materials instead. We sell bamboo straws, so you can drink like a panda!

We also stock soft silicone straws which are perfect for young children and toddlers.

Bamboo, stainless steel and silicone straws are a great alternative that work perfectly, look great and are environmentally friendly. Check out our range and find your perfect eco-straw.